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Professional Development Meetings (PDMs)

A Framework for Delivering Successful Supply Chain and Data Analytics Projects

Ben Amaba


Ben Amaba


Chief Technology Officer

Automation, Analytics, ML/AI

PDM Synopsis

Supply Chain challenges have become a priority for our customers during the pandemic, materials shortage like chips, rare earth elements, and political disputes. In The New York Times article, Peter S. Goodman and Keith Bradsher write: “The Great Supply Chain Disruption is a central element of the extraordinary uncertainty that continues to frame economic prospects worldwide.” As a Wall Street Journal article notes, “Executives expect the shortages and delivery bottlenecks, exacerbated by overwhelmed transportation networks and a lack of workers, to stretch into the future.”  Technology and externalities are changing the dynamics of the supply chain, and the new systems are incorporating optimization, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and process automation. The convergence of these technologies holds great promise.


This presentation describes the disruption in the supply chain and the primary patterns and methods where ASCM professionals are taking an active role. The CPIM, CLTD, and CSCP lead in the domain process, governance, and foundation, rather than the algorithms and technology alone. Best practices in APICS/ASCM using CPIM, CLTD, CSCP, and SCOR provide a foundation where we can align measurable goals to the development of new machine learning or AI systems. The ability to connect the process, data, talent, and trust will be vital as our supply chain profession advances in our digital future. We will examine and discuss a case story to demonstrate the application and approach.




Monday, November 8, 2021


6:00pm - 7:00pm (CDT)


FREE Virtual PDM Via Zoom / (In Association with the ASCM Memphis Chapter)


6:50pm (EST) – Virtual Networking and Announcements

7:00pm (EST) – Keynote Speaker Presentation


8:00pm (EST) – Conclusion of Event





  • Executives, Managers, Students and Consultants


Dr. Amaba is a registered and licensed Professional Engineer in several states with International Registry; certified in Production, Operations, and Inventory Management by APICS ®; LEED® Accredited Professional (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design); and certified in Corporate Strategy by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Dr. Amaba holds a copyright for Process Activity Flow Framework®, the foundation for requirements, design, architecture, simulation, and application development techniques. Dr. Amaba is prominently featured in “Giving 2.0,” by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen with Stanford Business School, which details contributions to bolster and promote STEM education and careers, and is an Alexis de Tocqueville Society/United Way Member, which recognizes local philanthropic leaders. Dr. Amaba has published globally on best practices and robust approaches to drive market innovation, economic development and private public partnerships. 


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