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About Us


Our vision is to be the supply chain management resource for outstanding learning and growth opportunities.


We will provide educational products, networking opportunities and related services that meet or exceed customer expectations.


  1. Increase professional membership by 10% and the number of group/site memberships by 2%.

  2. Increase average participation at program events to 33 people, while increasing number of participating companies to 40.

  3. Hold CPIM, CSCP, and CLTD courses with an average attendance of 15 students per course.

  4. Successfully offer and execute a seminar or workshop.

  5. Evaluate the needs of our customers in the areas of educational programs, networking opportunities, and related services.  Implement actions that support the needs as identified.

  6. Develop and implement a recognition program for members, volunteers, and companies.

  7. Coordinate a community service project that involves membership participation.


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