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Professional Development Meetings (PDMs)

Thursday, March 28th

Noon- 1pm

Virtual Presentation
















Jasmin NUHIC

About the Speaker 

Jasmin NUHIC is a passionate author, speaker, facilitator, and coach. He obtained his undergraduate degree in science and holds Master’s degree in Business – both from the University of Memphis. He also holds master’s degree in Executive Leadership from Christian Brothers University. Jasmin is certified in Coaching, Ethical Leadership, and Cross-Cultural Intelligence. He has global experience in leading and developing individuals and team and is interested in helping others reach their full potential and achieve career objectives.

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About MY eIDP

We help individuals, teams and organizations create and execute their Executable Individual Development Plans, through which they can reach their full potential and career objectives. This inspires us and drives us in our path!

Think about it, you can spend your dollars on anything from communication skills to management techniques or you can spend them on developing your employees – your greatest assets. Research shows that over 85% of employees (individual contributors and leaders / managers) to not know how do it. Our Executable Individual Development Plan coaching, workshops and keynotes can help you address your need of developing your greatest assets.

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